Importance of lighting in video production

Maria Savvidou, Production Manager


Lighting is powerful. When used well, it has the ability to bring a video to life and accentuate even the smallest of details. It has the power to guide the viewer’s attention to what they should be focusing on and even trigger the emotion they should be feeling.

Alternatively, if lighting quality is compromised, the results can be devastating. The visual piece created will not only be displeasing to the eye, but will also cry out «budget production».

An experienced video editing team can attempt to enhance the quality in post-production. However, this can take a lot of extra time and the result is not always guaranteed.

More over, time costs money, which means that the client might have to pay out more money in order to salvage the quality of the final product. This is something that can easily be avoided in the pre-production stage.

It will make it both easier and cheaper for the client in the long run if he/she discusses lighting with the production team beforehand. In the end, lighting accurately represents what you have paid for.