Why do artists need a manager

Maria Savvidou, Production Manager


Musicians, bands, solo artist, choreographers and dancers, painters, sculptures, fashion designers are some of the people within the creative sphere; all of them starting to promote their art on their own at first. While this is very exciting, it usually ends up to being very frustrating and unfortunately it has an impact on creativity.

When an artist’s mind is occupied with matters of accounting, legislation and compliance, organizing his/her own events, administration and so on then inevitable the freedom of creation is narrowed.

So, at this point I will present to you some important reasons why you as an artisan need to have a Manager alongside your creative work:

  1. Your manager will be the person to handle anything uncreative allowing you the freedom and time to focus on your art!

Staff like contract preparations, talking on the phone with lawyers, accountants, filling and sending emails to all the fore mentioned are the least a manager does.

  1. Your manager needs to be business oriented with a well-established network and a well-developed instinct and intuition!

He/she will be handling event organizers and be on the look for the best events and venues for you to present your work.

  1. Your manager has to be your representative; he/she should be the liaison person between any potential sponsors, supporters, agents or even fans!

Consider that when you are involved in this, all emotions coming out from your creative work interfere in the negotiations and on the final outcome. Your manager’s approach with no emotional bursts will help you to negotiate your positions better and professionally.

A Manager needs to be working with you and for you! He/she needs to fully understand your brand, your target audience and their needs. The Manager needs to have excellent communication skills and be a trustworthy person!