Digital Marketing and the Market

Maria Savvidou, Production Manager


In the past decade, technology and social media have developed vastly. Companies have a presence both off-line and on-line through web sites and social media channels and we now see brand building being highly depended on their on-line existence. To this respect, digital marketing is now necessary for each company; and even small companies, which did not employ marketers in the past, are now forced by the market to recruit.

Digital marketing consists of social media experts, web site administrators and SEO specialists, online brand building creatives and even people from the video production industry, which are all now, a necessity. This necessity is linked to the way social media channels are operating.

Nowadays, having a web site properly developed and optimised is no longer enough! Companies are called to participate in the social media world. They need to communicate their every day activities through the social media channels and link these with their web site. As social media channels grow in number and as each social media channel is administered in a different way, specialists of the field are found to be of great importance.

Moreover the message send to the audience, has to a great extent shift from the text form to an audio-visual approach that makes it more vivid and alive. Animation and motion graphics, video production, are adding value to a company’s message. Their use can create emotions like drama and comedy or they can be used to amuse, educate and consult. The bottom line is: “each one of us is scrolling down our social media walls, click on so many videos and daily engage with a variety of brands!”

Digital marketing has come to take over the traditional way of promoting business; it is here because the audience showed an extreme interest to it. Businesses need to have stories to tell and specialists to drive their messages across their audience.